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Published: 11th April 2011
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Tips on writing with montblanc pens

Montblanc pens have much in common with quills which were used before pens were even created. The difference lies at the ink flow: modern fountain pens are consistent while quill and ink has a thick print and is hard to write with when the ink dries up. But lover of quills will love to know that Montblanc pens are the closest things to the old writing instruments of the past.

That's why people who first buy Montblanc pens usually need a few tips on writing with them. It only takes a few times to get the feel for Montblanc pens, and believe me, once you become skilled at writing with Montblanc pens, you will be a fan for life.

First, you must know that Montblanc pens aren't ordinary writing instruments: they are works of art. You will soon see why so many collectors of Montblanc pens keep them and pass them on for generations. And while you would think that writing with any pen is easy, actual writing with Montblanc pens require practice and attention.

I have found the best way to write with Montblanc pens to hold them in a triangle created by your first two fingers and your thumb. The nib of montblanc pens should be up, so that you may see the engraving on the nib; the black portion of the nib should be down.

If Montblanc pens are held properly, both tines of the nib should hit the paper at the same time, which allows a smooth feel in your handľand a consistent flow of ink on paper. The ink flow is controlled by capillary action with the help of gravity. Unlike the ballpoint pen, Montblanc pens have no breaks when scribbled unless its ink is almost gone. I find that writing is always smooth when using Montblanc pens. They complement most writing papers, too.

New models of Montblanc pens are launched each and every year, it is really hard not to buy a second pen. If you are seeking Montblanc pens, a fantastic source for pens and collectibles is Eagle National Mint.

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